Customer Testimonials

Mel Curtis, Winter In Venice

‘Thank you for your care and attention… I appreciate your excellent level of customer service and the speed in which you responded to the problem when I wrote to you. You mirrored my sense of urgency and this was very reassuring. Thank you.’


John White, Brick Fabrication Ltd

‘We used to rely solely on our own transport, but as our business increased we started selling further afield. Eventually it became uneconomical or just impossible to service such a wide customer base – fortunately Alan R Jones’ geographical reach, combined with the Palletline network, covers the entire UK and extends into Europe. The service functions overnight, which significantly increases the amount of orders we can take and the speed with which they are delivered.’


Mark Crum, Mandarin Stone Ltd

‘Over a number of years of using Alan R Jones & Sons our deliveries constantly arrive on time and intact, despite our product being very fragile’.

Cara Lewis, Penderyn Distillery

I have found Alan R Jones to be a thoroughly professional distribution company who take pride in every aspect of service they deliver. In terms of communication, Alan R Jones go way beyond the industry standard’.

Kath Richards, CIUR, Aberdare

‘Alan R Jones & Sons understands our industry and our needs; their open approach to communication means we know we can rely on them to meet our challenges’.