That Would be a Relief… Why we Welcome the Proposal of the M4 Relief Road

As a haulage company, one thing that is inevitable on the roads is traffic. We are on the road at all times of day, which includes the busiest times – when everyone else is on the road too. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we usually struggle at the hands (or wheels) of traffic jams, but our biggest problem is closer to home than you would expect.

Anyone who commutes regularly will understand that the main route into Wales, and into the first major city you hit as you travel on the M4, struggles daily with the sheer level of traffic at the outdated, two-lane Brynglas Tunnels. If we could avoid it, we would… which is why we are supporting the expansion of the M4 Relief Road, or so called Black Route.

In circulation and discussion since 1991, we were around and supported it then too, the relief road proposed would be a second motorway to the south of Newport, parallel to the existing M4 motorway from junction 23A at Magar, to junction 29 at Castleton, avoiding the need to widen the Brynglas Tunnels. This would undoubtably reduce the flow of traffic heading towards the tunnels and provide commuters with an alternative route getting into South Wales.

Unfortunately, we are no further forward on the creation of the relief road than we were in 1991. But, as it has been a hot topic of conversation in recent months, one that we are hoping to get a decision on within the next few weeks, we wanted to explain why we are supporting the Black Route, and what this could mean for our business.

Understandably, there are two sides to this debate. One, with companies like us who can see the potential for businesses and growth in South Wales and two, which sees the environmental impact and build costs that could be spent elsewhere in Welsh infrastructure. We strongly believe that the benefits of the relief road outweigh the risks.

The updated road layout will have an unprecedented impact on the whole of South Wales. The recent removal of the tolls on the Severn Bridge has already seen more business and homebuyers looking at South Wales as a hub, and a relief road that would reduce the daily stockpile of traffic would undoubtably positively impact new and existing business in South Wales.

When looking at business, especially new, the opportunity to bring new companies to South Wales due to better transportation links opens up an array of potential for the economy. With investment, also comes employment – one thing that we can never have too much of.

The relief road will also have a massive impact on the way we operate as a business. It is incredibly important to us to stay close to our roots and keep our family business thriving in South Wales. The potential of expanding the motorway will not only relieve congestion by adding much needed consistency in traffic flows, but also our delivery speeds will become much quicker and more accurate to predict, which ultimately means customer satisfaction.

To us, it’s a win-win situation. For our industry, our company and our customers this investment can only be positive for South Wales.

If you would like to find out more about our opinions on the M4 Relief Road, Managing Director, Ray Clegg recently shared his views with ITV Cymru Wales.


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