We’ve won another KPI award – what does it mean for you?

As part of the Palletline group – offering logistics services across Europe to our valued base of South Wales clients – we are regularly assessed on our performance.

In addition to winning two recent Palletline Awards, Alan R Jones has just received its second consecutive monthly KPI award from Palletline. These are monthly assessments against key markers of performance including financials, delivery performance and timeliness in addition to customer satisfaction levels.

And while it’s tempting to just pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, there is a greater meaning to all this.

“Awards like these don’t come around by accident,” explains Operations Director Ray Clegg. “We work extremely hard, with focus and to a determined plan, to be the best. Not so we can say we’re the best, but so our customers have the very best – and easiest – possible experience.

“In truth, many of our customers don’t want to have to think too much about their logistics – they just want the process to be smooth, seamless, efficient and cost-effective. They want to be well-represented by their delivery partner and they want to feel like things will happen in accordance with their own deadlines and schedules. That’s why we work so hard – to create the impression that it’s easy!”

Our second monthly KPI award is reflective of Alan R Jones’ consistent performance across all areas of the business as measured by key statistics such as: collection service; delivery service; administration of paperwork; systems relating to proof of deliveries etc.

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