Standing with our Armed Forces

There is a certain level of bravery, courage and respect that comes when an individual chooses to serve their country. Protecting the UK’s interests at home and abroad, our army serves so that we as British citizens can live and prosper in a safe and secure environment.

One thing that isn’t always easy, is returning to civilian life after service. As a company that genuinely cares about its staff, and as some of us are ex-forces ourselves, we have made it our moral obligation to ensure that serving armed forces, reservists, veterans and their families will benefit from our pledge.

And thankfully, we’re not alone in this pledge. Having recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant, as a business we are committing to ensure those who serve or who have served are treated with the respect and fairness that they need and deserve.

The Armed Forces Covenant, which was introduced in 2000, is a mutual obligation between the nation and its Armed Forces to ensure that those who have served and their families are treated with fairness in the community, economy and society as a whole. The Covenant helps members of the Armed Forces to access the same government and commercial services and products as every other citizen and relies on people, communities and businesses to actively support it to make a difference.

Having signed our declaration in December, we are proud to support this cause and personally understand and respect the importance of the Covenant. At ARJ, we pledge to offer flexible leave and support for spouses and partners, to participate in Armed Forces Day, promote our armed forces-friendly position as a business and more to make sure our ex and current service men and women have the support they need and deserve in the community.

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