Service with a smile…

At Alan R Jones, we pride ourselves on our customer service and are committed to ensuring that all our members of staff share the same passion for our family-run heritage.

Although the journey over the last few months has been difficult, we haven’t allowed that to dampen our spirits and we have been working with the same level of enthusiasm and passion for customer service as we always have.

But, don’t just take our word for it…

Receiving positive client feedback is a fantastic way to boost morale and a reminder that our service doesn’t go unrecognised. One of our drivers, Adrian Hodgson has recently received a great formal ‘thank you’ from Victoria in Caerphilly for his customer service and his patience in a recent delivery of sheet metal.

“Adrian Hodgson has just delivered a pallet to us and I wanted to send a formal thank you to him for such a brilliant service. 

The pallet was of sheet metal and was an obscure size, too low for his lifts and too heavy for us to carry manually. It was also awkwardly packaged with metal straps. It took some time but he was extremely helpful.

As it was not possible to offload the pallet as a whole from the lorry, he helped open and check the package and offload the metal with us one sheet at a time. Before even doing this, he had to wait for our binmen to finish collecting along the street to fit the lorry as well! 

This was a difficult and unnecessarily awkward delivery for him due to the way the company we bought from had dispatched the pallet. So, I apologise to him for how long this drop off took but would like to provide recognition to thank him for his patience, helpfulness and understanding, without any complaint whatsoever on his part!

A very lovely delivery driver who is doing your company proud.”

Whatever the logistical challenge, we are more than happy to help and will always offer our customers the same level of customer service and professionalism they deserve.

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