Why do people choose Alan R Jones?

We realise that there are plenty of other options out there in the world of palletised distribution, and we’re grateful to our clients for selecting us from among the swathe of competitors on the market.

We’re a transparent, honest and open business, and we often speak to our customers to ask them why they chose us in the first place, and why they’ve stuck with us ever since (as most seem to do).

The overall answer is always clear: service. There may be competitors who are cheaper than us on any given day, but our prices are transparent and as consistent as fluctuating fuel prices allow. And while a lower price might be appealing in the short term, it’s always quality of service, friendliness and reliability that are the core influencers when talking about your company’s vital long term logistics operation.

The cheapest haulier won’t necessarily cost you the least. There’s no point saving a few pounds here and there if you let your own customers down or make more administrative work for yourself – that must be the definition of false economy.

At Alan R Jones the focus is very much on service. That’s not just the courteous and helpful nature of our drivers, or the friendly assistance you’ll get when you call us on the phone. It extends to our way of working – with online book systems popular with the vast majority of our customers – and our objective to have as few empty lorries on the road as is humanly possible.

In addition, we offer warehousing and call-off facilities to fully integrate ourselves with our customers’ own logistics and distribution process – a service that’s especially well liked by the many startups we help to get off the ground.

That’s why, we presume, we’ve been so successful among our peers in the Palletline group, having won the Service category at the 2015 Palletline Awards. Among the 73 Palletline members, we scored the highest with an incredible 98.5% ‘day one success’ score and consistent 99%+ rating for our admin team. That’s why people choose Alan R Jones.

So we’re confident that if you join our ever-growing customer list, you’ll be a part of that list for a very long time to come.

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