Lift Assist is here

Alan R Jones and our Palletline partners have launched a solution to the problem of heavy pallets – Lift Assist.

The new service is designed to ensure that pallets over 750kg are handled and delivered safely. Using new, powered pallet trucks will ensure that heavier pallets can be offloaded effectively, at delivery destinations where no fork lift is available.

The Lift Assist initiative involves a substantial investment in the new powered trucks, which will be used by drivers responsible for delivering heavier pallets on tail lift drops.

“Plenty of us in the logistics sector have worried about handling heavy pallets,” says Alan R Jones operations director, Ray Clegg. “Asking a driver and warehouse staff to move one tonne on a pump truck is risky, sometimes dangerous – especially up in the air, on a tail lift. Apart from personal injuries, we know from experience that customers’ goods can be damaged. That’s why we are supporting Lift Assist.”

Selected trucks will be equipped with the new powered pallet trucks, and drivers will be trained in their safe use. In addition to safer operation, it is expected that the move to Lift Assist will also help ensure more reliable delivery schedules.

For Palletline customers, the impact will be minimal. When booking a consignment, our team will ask for the pallet weight, and for those over 750kg, whether an assisted delivery is needed. If so, a Lift Assist equipped vehicle will handle the delivery.

Palletline’s standard shipping rates will not change. Inevitably, the investment in this improved service for those sending heavier pallets will have a modest impact on rates, depending on volumes shipped. Alan R Jones is promising customers no surprises on costs, as we look to introduce Lift Assist across our fleet.

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