Let’s Upgrade IT: Investing in Company Technology


Here at Alan R Jones, we sometimes have our head in the clouds – but only when it comes to IT! By this, we’re referring to our latest adoption of cloud-based storage as part of our company-wide investment in our IT infrastructure. With technology always moving at fibre-optic speeds, we decided to future-proof our offices to ensure our services are even more secure and efficient for our customers.

Being around for nearly 50 years, Alan R Jones has always been responsive to evolving market developments. One of these requisites has been to stay ahead of the technological revolution to guarantee the most modern customer experience. After numerous expansions throughout 2019, our eyes have now turned to addressing the use of IT in our company, and here’s what we’ve improved:

 Cloud-based storage

Everything’s in one place! Customers at Alan R Jones are now able to use our online booking system, making us available wherever, whenever. Not only has this made our website more convenient, but it has improved the security of sensitive customer information by following the strictest GDPR protocol. We understand how important security is, not just on a business level, but on a personal one too.

 Fibre optic connection

Working with Newport-based IT specialist, A2Z Computing, Alan R Jones has upgraded our systems and routers to the latest fibre optic technology. No longer do we surf the internet, but glide through it at the fastest speeds. We love collaborating with local businesses, and A2Z Computing has provided us with the resources to promote greater efficiency within our firm, as well as allowing us to respond to client requests that bit faster.

“In 2020, it is essential that businesses are using the most up-to-date technology,” says Ray Clegg, Managing Director. “Not only does this investment permit greater efficiency within our internal operations, but also allows for greater convenience and security for our customers too.”

IT isn’t the only thing we’ve invested in recently, check out our blog here to see where we’ve expanded elsewhere!




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