Join us in supporting FairFuelUK

FairFuelUK is fighting for more realistic prices at the pumps.

Even if you’re just a Sunday driver or short distance school-runner, fuel prices matter. If you’re a long-distance commuter, a product distributor or a firm of hauliers, they don’t just matter – they’re vital to your very livelihood.

It’s impossible to ignore the ever-escalating cost of petrol and diesel in the UK; it doesn’t seem that long ago when we were fretting over pumps having to update their displays to feature triple-digit prices. Now the average UK prices at the pumps are 127p and 132p respectively.

As a logistics specialist, this is a big deal for us and for our customers. You’re probably already aware of our online fuel escalator – a pricing system we implement as the fairest way of passing on fuel price rises to our clients. You’ll also be aware that we try our hardest to resist bringing in these price increases wherever we can, absorbing what we’re able to in order to keep our prices attractive and reward our customers’ loyalty.

But only around 40% of these fuel prices actually reflect the real cost, even when retailers’ margins are taken into account. The rest of it goes on taxation in the form of VAT and fuel duty. We think that’s excessive and disproportionate, and we know a lot of people who rely on the UK’s road infrastructure think so too.

FairFuelUK is a lobbying group, putting pressure on the government to take action on fuel prices and give British people’s wallets a break. They are running a public poll regarding the issues facing motorists today and, as a donator to the scheme, we’d like to encourage you to take part.

You can access the poll here and it should take you less than 15 mins to fill in. Please do click the link – together we can push back against the never-ending stream of fuel price hikes.

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