Furious “complaint” from long-term customer…

Below is the transcript of an email from one of our long-standing customers, Mandarin Stone, received just last week. Sometimes it’s hard to please everyone:

I would like to make a complaint.

I was expecting my delivery today between 9am and 5pm. The driver called me just after 9am – ever so professionally spoken – to say he would be with me in the next hour. This shocked me as I did not know how I was going to put my makeup on in time and be ready for his arrival. So, low and behold as I was brushing my teeth the driver called back as promised saying he was on my road and would be with me any minute. Damn –  had to cut my two minute tooth-brushing down to one minute.

I met the driver downstairs and he easily manoeuvred his lorry into our parking space, ignoring the helpful signals I was trying to give, which made me look daft as the driver clearly knew what he was doing…

He managed to stop the vehicle exactly where we wanted it and swiftly loaded off our pallet – job done and put in a safe and secure position. I managed to get all the tiles in and checked, sound as a pound.

Now sadly I don’t know what to do with the rest of my day off from work so I have resorted to sitting out in the sun enjoying a refresher.

Only joking guys – superb service from Palletline and we’re well chuffed!

Jolene Potgieter, Mandarin Stone

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