Building business

Complicated brickwork items such as arches and window surrounds are increasingly being produced away from the building site. In the Pontypool factory of Brick Fabrication, the work can be finished by skilled staff in dry conditions, then sent to site as a completed assembly.

The company relies on Alan R Jones and the Palletline network to pick up bricks from site, and then return the completed assembly – ensuring a fast turnaround. The service has replaced in-house transport, which could not compete on cost. Further helping efficiency, Brick Fabrication books its own consignments into the Alan R Jones system.

“We can’t fault the service levels they give us,” said Brick Fabrication Director John White. “We fully understand that nothing is ever simple all the time, whatever industry you work in. What differentiates Alan R Jones is a refreshing honesty and clear commitment to the job.”

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