ARJ puts health and safety first with new defibrillator and training

This month saw ARJ install a brand new defibrillator at our head office. In the unfortunate event that we would need to use it, it’s comforting to know that we are ready to deal with the situation – even more so as five of our staff have now received formal training on how to use it.

In the past year, we have all been reminded of how important defibrillators can be and that they really can save lives. It is great to see that many other businesses are agreeing on this same idea to have more readily available defibrillators in places of work as well as public places. We urge any of our clients and supporting businesses to do the same if possible.

It’s important to us that we look after our staff and loved ones as best as possible and this helps us to do so while keeping the health and wellbeing of our people at the top of our priorities.

“We are very grateful that we have been able to get the defibrillator installed,” said Managing Director, Ray Clegg. “We are always looking for ways to raise standards in the company and look after our people as best we can. Hopefully it will never be needed, but if it is, we know we are fully prepared.”

We would like to offer our thanks to the professionals that provided the essential operative training for our team.

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