Watch your Six: Alan R Jones Invests in Six Euro 6 Tractors

With the Six Nations trophy in our sights, the whole of Wales is focused on the hope of winning that Grand Slam title. But here at Alan R Jones, we have a different six to celebrate – that is the introduction of six Euro 6 compliant tractors to our fleet of haulage vehicles.

Alan R Jones & Sons has embarked on a programme to upgrade our current fleet to be more energy efficient and to comply with European Emissions Standards. This first step in the investment programme has seen the addition of six tractors which have Euro 6 classification.

Euro 6 seeks to reduce the levels of harmful exhaust emissions and sees a 55% reduction in dangerous toxins released from vehicles into the atmosphere when compared to Euro 5. In an effort to improve air quality, some major cities in the UK have specified that Euro 6 rated engines are a requirement of entry.

The Euro 6 engines are more fuel efficient and as a result are increasingly cost efficient, they reduce the CO2 levels emitted from vehicles, which also helps companies like ours to reduce their carbon footprint and looks at future proofing the fleet to avoid any costs that may arise in the future because of older engines.

To ensure we are providing our customers with the best possible service, the investment in six Euro 6 tractors ensures the ability to enter city centres with the correct vehicle, whilst being efficient and compliant.

Ray Clegg, Managing Director at Alan R Jones & Sons, commented: “We have strategically profiled our vehicles and recognised that being Euro 6 compliant is not only a great benefit to us and our clients, but also helps us work towards being more environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint. As an ethically proud and responsible family-run haulage business, this is the next logical step for us, and we are looking to upscale our fleet over time.”


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