Amazon Consolidated POD Change in Process March 2019 – UPDATE

There have been a few issues in the past with regards to customer paperwork / POD’s being returned from Amazon after deliveries have been made. With this in mind, Amazon has now confirmed their new POD requirements which means all deliveries will now be paperless and a manifest will be completed as proof of delivery.


Please see below an example of the manifest sheet that will be returned:
















Official email from Amazon to Palletline confirming agreement of change in process


“Hi Sarah,

I confirm that the new version of POD prepared contains all required information needed for a vendor to dispute any Purchase Quantity Variance (PQV). ISA, FC, Vendor, ASN and quantity.


Vendor Manual (Chapter 6_Pan_EU_Vendor_Manual_Invoice_Requirements_and_Payments, page 4)


Every time Amazon receives a POD, this document will be checked for validity. In order to be considered valid, a POD must show a unique and complete link between the invoice, the shipment and the receipt of the goods concerned. This link must be established by the presence of at least one of the following identifiers on all documents:


• Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN)

• Shipment number

• Delivery number 

• Tracking number 

• Invoice number



Maria Sales | Program Manager, EU Inbound – Trans Execution”



If you have any questions regarding this new process please feel free to contact our office to discuss.


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