The 5-scan principle

What happens to your pallet when you book a collection from Alan R Jones?

You might be surprised to find out that we don’t leave anything to chance – your package is labeled and subsequently scanned no less than five times in the duration of its delivery, ensuring we’re in complete control of your precious cargo at all times.


Once we have collected your pallet the goods are brought back to our Newport depot, where we label the pallet using the information you have supplied for delivery.

The goods are then routed based on the postcode you have supplied and loaded on to the required trunk vehicle to travel to one of our hub locations.

At this point the pallet is also 1.SCANNED to show it is on the correct trailer.

On arrival at one of our hub locations the goods are 2.SCANNED as received at the hub, unloaded and transshipped onto another trunk vehicle – having been 3.SCANNED out of the hub again – to be taken to the delivery depot that will be carrying out the delivery.

The delivery depots are already in possession of all the delivery information you have supplied at this stage.

Arrival at delivery depot

The goods are 4.SCANNED as arrived at the delivery depot and unloaded in preparation for onward delivery to your customer, before being loaded on what we refer to as a C and D vehicle (Collection and Delivery). The loaded pallet is – guess what – 5.SCANNED for a fifth time to show that it has been loaded for delivery.

After all the scanning – arrival at delivery

On arrival at the delivery point the driver will use their electronic PDA to say that it is at the delivery point, cross referencing with GPS coordinates to show that they are at the delivery point. The driver will then carry out their own risk assessment to ensure the delivery point is safe for unloading the pallet (especially important when a tail lift delivery is requested).

The goods will be offloaded to curbside and the customer will be requested to sign the PDA to accept delivery – this is transmitted electronically and then shows on our system for you to be able to view.

The whole process is easy to follow and the scanned trail gives full view of the life of the pallet on its journey through the Palletline system.

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