The 1990s: Aligning with Palletline…

Leaving the bright lights and the shell suits of the 1980s behind us, the 1990s were monumental in forging our ongoing business growth, success and ambition.

The decade that saw the advancement of alternative media, the rise of the internet and the heartbreaking death of the Princess of Wales, was also one that formed a fundamental pillar in our business offering and competencies going forward…


The Early ‘90s… 

Following our investment in vehicles and the development of a warehouse towards the end of the 1980s, our small warehouse and workshop were in full swing, come the start of the last decade of the century.

As our enhancement and development of the business continued to grow, so did the haulage and distribution world around us…

In 1992, the same year that saw rising unemployment and financial hostility, the unique concept and distribution model of Palletline was born.


1994: Palletline and ARJ

The pallet distribution company first opened up on the road in the early nineties, with a rather interesting business model that encourages reliability, trust and transparency between its members. With carefully selected members as shareholders in the network, the Palletline concept combines expertise with a commitment to efficient service.

In the spring of 1994, we proudly met the relevant criteria needed to become members and have been lucky enough to enjoy this long-standing relationship for almost three decades.

This membership was the flagship event for further business development and enhancement over the years. Transforming us from ‘the haulier next door’, to a proud, renowned and professional distribution business.


Then and now…

Fused with a commitment to our family-run heritage, local base and fulfilling client expectations to the best of our ability, joining the Palletline Network aligned our business models and values with a likeminded community.

Each with an ethos to drive reliable and efficient services that are met with quality assurances and customer confidence, we’re proud to say that we are regular achievers of Palletline industry awards for our service offering.

As one of the first companies to join the Palletline network in the early nineties and growing alongside the distribution model to become what we both are today has been an incredible achievement and one that we’re proud of.



Closing off on a decade that shaped our business direction, Alan R Jones is truly cementing our position within the UK haulage, warehousing and distribution sector with the support of dedicated staff, loyal clients and a lasting Palletline partnership.

As we continue on our journey, the turn of the century marks a decade of change and growth.

Keep an eye out for next month’s blog taking us through the noughties!

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