1970s: The launch of a lasting legacy


Despite the 70s being a decade of economic struggle, it was one that also epitomised influential change.

Seeing the rise of music that shaped a generation, technological innovations and political influences that demanded the modification of the status quo, the 1970s were incredibly powerful for all corners of society.

The 1970s are vitally important to us as a business because, in 1971, Alan R Jones took to the wheel and established the South Wales business that we know and love today.


1971: Spring is a time for fresh starts

While still working at Llanwern Steelworks, in the spring of 1971, Alan bought a used Bedford TK from a local food distribution business. The truck was in a state of disrepair and over the following months it was given the TLC it desperately needed to get it roadworthy.

Putting the wheels in motion in the summer, Alan officially left his job and started Alan R Jones and Sons as an owner-driver.

Conducting general haulage jobs for other hauliers in the region, using clearing houses/brokers and learning his trade, this continued until 1973…


1973: The State of Emergency

For much of the UK, 1973 was a year that has been declared as one of the most significant years of the 20th century. The power cuts, the oil crisis, the three-day working week, miners’ strike, the list goes on…

However, 1973 was a year of significant change for Alan R Jones and Sons for much more positive reasons.

Every cloud has a silver lining and in 1973, the business saw the arrival of a brand-new Leyland Super Comet 16 tonne rigid vehicle, and the relationship between Alan and a local bridge-building company began.

What was originally meant to be just a few days’ work, resulted in a long-standing business association with Alan doing daily haulage jobs. And, so began the business’ ethos of customer commitment, determination and passion for service.


1979: The Sons of Alan R Jones and Sons

In 1979, Alan R Jones and Sons saw Alan’s eldest son Peter join the business aged 21.

Driving a 3.5 tonne Ford Transit pick up doing urgent deliveries, Peter was in the process of completing his HGV fitter’s apprenticeship and was a newly qualified HGV licence holder – qualifications which were supported by the business.

This rhetoric is something that is still incredibly important to the business today, the commitment to support personal and professional development within the relevant field of expertise is celebrated at ARJ.

Back to 1979…

Seeing the arrival of a second brand new 16 tonne vehicle in the summer, Peter hung up his keys to the transit and took to the cab of the Daf 2100 as a fully qualified HGV driver. Peter continued to support the business by working alongside his father to continue conducting a range of general haulage jobs and ongoing work for the longstanding bridge-building client.


The first decade of business for Alan R Jones was one that helped to put the family run business on the map, particularly amongst the local businesses within South Wales.

With the family run aspect at the heart of the business’ incorporation, in its 50 year legacy that is something that is reflected within all business activity. Alan R Jones and Sons remains committed to its heritage, by keeping in close correspondence with clients to deliver above and beyond service that acts as an extension to business process.

Next month we will be looking into the business history of the 80s… Stay tuned!



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