Guidance for Essential Work of the Logistics Sector

The UK is currently facing nationwide restrictions on working, visiting family and friends and going outside as we battle against the COVID-19 outbreak. The guidelines that have been put in place are to keep us safe, save more lives and to protect our NHS.

That being said, there are some jobs and sectors that cannot be done from home and are valiant in the fight against Coronavirus. One of these is the logistics sector.

The logistics sector has been deemed essential by the Department for Transport and that it should continue to work to the greatest extent possible throughout the COVID19 crisis. It is paramount for the country that the supply chains keep moving and government policy indicates that this is all supply chains, not just those for medicinal supplies and food.

The letter received from Ben Rimmington, Co-Director of Road Safety, Standards and Services, is clear. The logistics sector needs to keep its wheels turning for as long as it is safe to do so.

At Alan R Jones, we are following all government advice and are committed to the safety of our workforce, whilst ensuring that we do what we can to keep the country moving. We have put the relevant measures in place to protect the health of our workers and to ensure that we can continue to serve the industry in these unprecedented times.

Thank you for your continued support in these trying times. We are monitoring the situation closely every day and are stringently following the advice of the government to ensure the supply chains keep moving as we all work together to beat this virus.

If you have any queries or questions, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.

Take care,

The ARJ Team.



*Download a copy of the letter from Ben Rimmington, Co-Director of Road Safety, Standards and Services at the below link:

RHA FTA letter re essential travel – 30-3-2020

Statement: Coronavirus and us



In a time of much unprecedented confusion due to the current state of affairs with Covid-19, at Alan R Jones we wanted to take this opportunity to inform our customers and staff of the measures we have put in place to support business continuity and protect everyone’s health and wellbeing.

First and foremost, we are and will continue to, follow the advice of the UK government on the coronavirus outbreak. We are closely monitoring the situation to ensure we can continue to support our clients as best as we can in these challenging times.

At Alan R Jones, we have implemented the following in an effort to support our work force and customers, and until we have formal advice from the government we will continue to operate as ‘business as usual’.

  • We have issued all our staff with personal hand sanitisers.
  • We are issuing weekly updates to the whole team on what is being reported as best practice by the government.
  • We have set up separate workstations within the Traffic Office to ensure at least 2 metres of segregation between team members. We have also split the office team into two, with one half upstairs and one half downstairs. These measures will hopefully maintain business continuity should anyone come down with illness.
  • The drivers all carry a PDA to obtain signatures so, we have instructed them not to hand over the PDA to anybody for signature, the driver will confirm the recipient’s name and type it in themselves.
  • During the weekly briefing update, we instruct and remind the whole team to wash hands thoroughly, clean work areas and avoid contact where it is possible and practical. We also if needed, re-issue hand sanitiser.
  • We have cancelled all non-essential meetings and during this period will not be out and about visiting customers so if you want to speak with somebody please give us a call.
  • We have restricted access to deliveries coming into the depot. All deliveries are being monitored and the delivery drivers are being told to sanitise their hands before they enter the site

As a business, we are totally committed to the health and wellbeing of our team and the wider community. However, if you have any immediate concerns please contact Managing Director, Ray Clegg, who will be ready to respond to any queries you have.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continued support. In times like this, we all need to support each other and stick together. This crisis will eventually pass and we will support our team and work very hard to maintain the standards that you have come to expect from us over the last forty years.

We will keep calm and carry on until we are advised otherwise by the government.*


Updated: 19/03/20

Notice to all Customers: Coronavirus Update

Firstly we send our best wishes to you all and hope that you are all managing to stay healthy in what are very scary times for many people.

With immediate effect delivery drivers and administration staff will no longer be able to handle customer delivery notes. This is a nationwide agreement being implemented by all pallet networks. This means that your paperwork can only travel in a document envelope attached to the pallet by your own staff.

The driver will not request that paperwork to be signed and is not allowed to handle it.

Your deliveries will be signed electronically on the drivers PDA by the driver himself in the presence of the customer. As usual you will be able to view the digital signature on our portal once the delivery has been completed it will show a printed name from the recipient of the goods.

Once again thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times.

If and when we have further updates we will do our very best to keep you all up to date.


Updated: 24/03/20

Coronavirus update 

We wrote to you recently providing an update of some of the measures we are taking at Alan R Jones and Sons to help combat the spread of coronavirus by following NHS and Public Health England / Government advice.

Last night (23.3.20 at 8.30pm) the Prime Minister made an address to the nation and he confirmed the following: (Source Gov UK website)

Prime Minister

From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home because the critical thing we must do is stop the disease spreading between households

That is why people will only be allowed to leave their home for the following very limited purposes:

  • shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible
  • one form of exercise a day – for example, a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household;
  • any medical need, to provide care or to help a vulnerable person; and
  • Travelling to and from work, but only where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home.

The Prime Minister concluded by saying – I want to thank everyone who is working flat out to beat the virus.


Everyone from the supermarket staff to the transport workers to the carers to the nurses and doctors on the frontline.

Last week a list of key workers was published; for which transport was one of them

Transport – This includes those who will keep the air, water, road and rail passenger and freight transport modes operating during the COVID-19 response, including those working on transport systems through which supply chains pass.

As things stand this means business carries on as usual for Alan R Jones and Sons.

We are working closely with Palletline and the RHA in order to maintain our service provision and monitoring all Government advice notices.

It is however inevitable that there will be some degree of disruption to services that may delay some deliveries.

We ask all customers to bear with us during these challenging times and we will keep you updated as and when things change.


The Directors & Senior Management Team – Alan R Jones & Sons

Source Gov UK website link




To all our valued customers,

Firstly, I hope you are all well and coping with this incredibly difficult situation.

At Alan R Jones, we continue to provide a full delivery and collection service and we remain a strong part of the KEY WORKER team across the UK, providing an essential service to the nation in these unprecedented times.

We are open for business and we will continue to do all we can to keep our customers going for as long as we are allowed.

If you have any specific needs or have any questions on what best to do when sending your goods out, give us a call we will do our very best to support you.

We will remain loyal and supportive.

Please keep following Government advice, stay safe and save lives while remembering that we will get through this if we stick together.

Diolch yn fawr for your continued support, we value your custom.

Take care and stay safe.


Thank you,


The ARJ Team.

Standing with our Armed Forces

There is a certain level of bravery, courage and respect that comes when an individual chooses to serve their country. Protecting the UK’s interests at home and abroad, our army serves so that we as British citizens can live and prosper in a safe and secure environment.

One thing that isn’t always easy, is returning to civilian life after service. As a company that genuinely cares about its staff, and as some of us are ex-forces ourselves, we have made it our moral obligation to ensure that serving armed forces, reservists, veterans and their families will benefit from our pledge.

And thankfully, we’re not alone in this pledge. Having recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant, as a business we are committing to ensure those who serve or who have served are treated with the respect and fairness that they need and deserve.

The Armed Forces Covenant, which was introduced in 2000, is a mutual obligation between the nation and its Armed Forces to ensure that those who have served and their families are treated with fairness in the community, economy and society as a whole. The Covenant helps members of the Armed Forces to access the same government and commercial services and products as every other citizen and relies on people, communities and businesses to actively support it to make a difference.

Having signed our declaration in December, we are proud to support this cause and personally understand and respect the importance of the Covenant. At ARJ, we pledge to offer flexible leave and support for spouses and partners, to participate in Armed Forces Day, promote our armed forces-friendly position as a business and more to make sure our ex and current service men and women have the support they need and deserve in the community.

If you want to learn more about the Armed Forces Covenant, please visit

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Raising Money for Velindre


Every family has a bear – whether it’s scruffy and well loved, or still as good as new, one thing that almost everyone can remember is their favourite childhood teddy. Teddy bears are also proving to be an excellent way to raise money for our charity of the year, Velindre Cancer Centre. So, if you’ve got room in your heart to fit in another bear, our fundraising raffles may just be for you!

All bears are different. Some love marmalade or honey. Others like to wear garish yellow checked trousers. But one thing that’s a constant is a bear’s loyalty and integrity. Similar to ARJ as a family run business, these qualities resonate with us and that’s why we wanted to send Alan the Bear to his forever home, all in the name of charity.

Taking a paws for reflection, here at Alan R Jones and Sons we recently hosted a raffle – the prize being the un-bear-lievable Alan, who was sure to put a smile on the face of his lucky winner. Not famous for his clothes or his adventures in the jungle like Baloo, but for his passion for tractors and trailers and a commitment to form a lifelong partnership with his new owner.

Raising a beary impressive £660 – which is almost enough to get you to deepest and darkest Peru with Paddington – Alan has now gone on a teddy bear’s picnic at his forever home.

Our very own Garage Fitter, Rob Brooks, wanted to ‘keep it in the ARJ family’, so after winning the raffle, he gifted Alan the Bear to the daughter of his colleague, Steve Corcoran.

As Alan starts his new life in the Corcoran abode, as a family run business that cares about people, we want to raise even more money for Velindre Cancer Centre. That’s why we will be raffling off another bear later this year to find its new home, whether that’s in Paddington or the Hundred Acre Wood – get involved and help us support local charities that do wonderful things!


Keep an eye on our social media channels to find out when you can get involved in the fun in our next raffle!



Investing in the Future

2020 marks our 49th year in business and as we move even closer towards five decades on the road, we have expanded our Newport headquarters to satisfy customer demand and invest in our future as a business.

50 years of service is a huge achievement for any business, but for us, at Alan R Jones we feel like the world is our oyster. Where many businesses have faced difficulties during the political turbulence, we’ve thrived. This is why we wanted to share how we’ve invested in our future as a business to continue to ensure we deliver exemplary customer service for our clients both old and new.

Not only have we invested in our fleet of tractors to meet Euro Class 6 emissions standards and added value for both staff and clients in a variety of ways, but we have also recently expanded our Newport headquarters – which is now fully in operation.

As a family run business, Newport is our home, and we are committed to ensuring that we keep our roots firmly in our South Wales base. We have already expanded our warehousing facilities and now, our continued investment means that we have an additional 1.2 acres of yard to house our trailers.

Ray Clegg, Managing Director at Alan R Jones and Sons, commented: “This was the next step in our investment process to ensure that we put the foundations in place to continue to deliver a well-rounded solution to our clients’ logistical requirements. By freeing up more space, we now have the ability to store more client trailers and maintain our fleets more freely. As an extension to our existing yard, it’s literally just down the road which has made the expansion virtually seamless.”

As we approach the big 5-0, we are confident that we have put a robust infrastructure in place to provide precision logistics and warehousing expertise as we move onto the next 50 years!

To find out what else we have to shout about, read our blog!

A Claus for Celebration this Christmas

With just three weeks to go until the big day, Christmas is in the air! But rather than dreaming of a white Christmas, here at Alan R Jones we have taken a break from the festivities to reflect on 2019, and what a year it has been…

So, take a walk with us through a winter wonderland as we re-live some of our biggest successes as we approach our 49th year in business.


Expansion of Fleet

As many of you may remember, Wales celebrated a special six itself earlier on this year becoming Grand Slam Champions in the Six Nations. But, at Alan R Jones, we also celebrated alongside our country with a special six of our own – the introduction of six, Euro 6 compliant tractor units to our fleet of haulage vehicles.

To upgrade our fleet, improve reliability for our customers and to help us to become more energy efficient we continued this investment throughout the year, and October saw the introduction of a further five tractors units – taking the total of Euro 6 tractors units up to 11.


Investment in Workforce

With impressive customer retention rates, at Alan R Jones we are also incredibly proud of our rates of staff retention. Believing in loyalty and integrity, we have a personal dedication to investing in our members of staff to help them to reach their full potential.

2019 has seen us train all our apprentices from car licences to HGV 2 licences. But we haven’t stopped there, we have also internally trained our drivers from Class 2 to Class 1 licences, ensuring that our core staff maintain a strong ethos to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.


Enhancement of Internal Operations

To keep pace with our growth, earlier on this year we embarked on an expansion plan that would see us introduce a second warehouse, circa 27,000 sq. ft. to support customer expansion plans and provide storage for new businesses across Cardiff and Newport. We have also invested in a new trailer park facility to improve capacity movement on our site. Helping to ensure speed of loading and turnaround, not only for our own fleet but also for the hundreds of vehicles we receive on behalf of our customers.


 Growth of Service Offering

With an extensive service offering already in place, the biggest addition this year has been the growth of our shipping service. This year alone we have supported our customers with the shipping of over 500 containers from all over the world into the UK – alongside delivering an air freight service to all parts of the globe!


Overall, 2019 has been an incredible year for us at Alan R Jones and we have exciting plans for 2020. We look forward to continuing to provide our customers old and new with award-winning service, whilst also investing in our own business to help support the growth of yours.

From the entire team at Alan R Jones and Sons, we would like to thank all our customers for your loyalty and support in 2019 and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you a happy and prosperous 2020!

The Perfect Ten: ARJ Celebrates Client Retention

Usually considered as the magic number, number 10 is the base of the decimal numeral system and the beginning of, potentially, one of the most famous addresses in the world. At Alan R Jones, we are also celebrating the number 10, 10 for 10 in fact… This month we have chosen 10 of our long-standing clients who have partnered with us for 10 or more years of logistical service.

As a family run business, loyalty and integrity runs through everything we do, and it has been one of many reasons why our customers continue to work with us. We are passionate about providing the best possible service for our clients, through the values of Tradition Driving Innovation.

Celebrating its 30th year in business this year, Mandarin Stone has been a long standing partner of Alan R Jones for 20 years. As one of the largest suppliers of natural stone, marble, limestone tiles, flooring and stone bath-ware in the UK, Mandarin Stone has always used us as its logistical partner to deliver fragile products from the factory to the end-user.

Mark Lane, Transport and Logistics Manager at Mandarin Stone, commented: “We have worked with Alan R Jones for many years and we have always found them to be incredibly reliable and they genuinely care about our freight. We receive a very personable service from the team, and we have a direct contact at ARJ who deals with our bookings and distributions, giving us a high level of continuity.”

It has always been a mutual partnership with Mandarin Stone. They work closely with us to ensure the product is suitable for distribution to the end user in the best possible way, such as amending pallet weight for ease of logistics. Naming us their ‘Palletline Partner’, we enjoy a personal relationship with Mandarin Stone that will see us distribute approximately 11,000 pallets by the end of 2019.

Ray Clegg, Managing Director at Alan R Jones, concluded: “It is incredibly important to us at ARJ to hold onto our family values and nurture relationships with our clients that promote longevity and loyalty. Celebrating our long-standing client retention rates, it has been great to recognise 10 customers that we have been working with for 10 years, with Mandarin Stone being one of those. Our commitment to our heritage has been one of the reasons why our customers value working with us and we are determined to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

Commemorating at least 10 years of service with us, we would also like to thank the following customers: Enersys, Natural Animal Feeds, Brickfab, Cyril Luff, Airspace, P&O Ferrymasters, Advanced Moulds, Studwelders, EQC.

Driving Home for Christmas: ARJ’s Festive Opening Hours

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and in true Christmas spirit, we will be working as hard as Santa’s elves to ensure all our customers’ collections and deliveries are driving home in time for Christmas.

We have created a breakdown of our Christmas delivery deadlines and working hours to make sure that your freight isn’t left out in the cold this festive season.


Monday 23rd December – Normal Working Day

  1. Next Day Collected Freight – delivered 24th December
  2. Eco Collected Freight – delivered Friday 27th December

Tuesday 24th December – Deliveries only, no collections.

Wednesday 25th December Closed

Thursday 26th December Closed

Friday 27th December – Normal Working Day

  1. Next Day Collected Freight – delivered Monday 30th December
  2. Eco Collected Freight – delivered Tuesday 31st December

Saturday 28th December – Normal Saturday Service (AM only)

Sunday 29th December – Closed

Monday 30st December – Normal Working Day

  1. Next Day Collected Freight – delivered 31st December
  2. Eco Collected Freight – delivered Thursday 2nd January

Tuesday 31st December – Deliveries only, no collections

Wednesday 1st January 2020 – Closed

Thursday 2nd January 2020 – Normal operations and service resume

For Offshore Delivery and Collection please contact the depot for advice on shipping and delivery dates.

If you have any queries on the above, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help. Otherwise, on behalf of the entire team at ARJ, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2020!

Absolute Performance Across Land and Sea




At Alan R Jones, it’s a core part of our ethos to go above and beyond for our customers. Understanding that different clients have specialist logistical requirements, it is essential for us to help in any way we can, and we will go across land and sea for our customers – quite literally.

Originally working with Absolute Performance through our Palletline network, we regularly helped with the storage of its design equipment until we uncovered that it required a logistical partner to offer a complete solution.

Absolute Performance specialises in gym design and strength equipment to create bespoke training facilities with world-class apparatus. Sourcing of specialist accessories that will best complement the expert training environments involves the transportation of goods worldwide.

After working with us at Alan R Jones for several years, Absolute Performance needed a tailored logistical solution to satisfy its sea and air freight requirements. Rising to the challenge, we sought to deliver a versatile and adaptable service to help Absolute Performance distribute and receive its equipment with ease.

Ray Clegg, Managing Director at Alan R Jones, said: “As Absolute Performance relies on product from overseas, it is only right that they can rely on us to deliver and collect it safely. We are committed to satisfying the requirements of our customers and ensure we are flexible and versatile in all situations and respond to their every need, whatever time of the day.”

Simon Britton, Business Development Manager at Absolute Performance, commented: “The ability to be flexible is incredibly important to us at Absolute Performance. As we ship our high-performing equipment from countries all over the world, fluidity is crucial. Working with a logistics company whose attention to detail is second to none and who always deliver on their promises has helped us as a small business to grow and excel.

“From flooring, to gym equipment, no two deliveries are the same. Alan R Jones takes everything in their stride, and nothing is too much hassle – we are always greeted with the same courteous and personable service we received five years ago.”

At Alan R Jones, we are committed to ‘Tradition Driving Innovation’ and meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients.

To find out more about Absolute Performance, please visit

Brewing a Partnership: ARJ Supports Tiny Rebel from the First Hop


From a stout to a sour, the world of craft beer is becoming increasingly popular. With many different flavours, strengths and drinking experiences, the craft beer revolution is changing the beer-drinking market, allowing small, local breweries an opportunity to sell on a large scale as demand continues to increase.

We have been lucky enough to see first-hand, the hard work and determination that goes into the overall process by supporting one of South Wales’ most recognisable craft beer breweries, Tiny Rebel – from the very beginning.

Tiny Rebel began its craft beer journey in 2012, brewing out of a garage in Newport. In the last seven years, the company has gone from strength to strength and now has 3 bars, hires 126 people across South Wales and exports its beer to 36 countries worldwide. It hasn’t always been plane sailing – but we have worked with Tiny Rebel from start-up to the legacy that it is today.

Taking a step back in time to seven and a half years ago, Tiny Rebel contacted Alan R Jones for some help when a customer had ordered more beers than they could fit in their van. Despite Tiny Rebel admitting they knew nothing about logistics, we sought to help them deliver the beer to an eager customer and the rest is history. From one pallet every fortnight, we now collect and distribute over 100 pallets a week for Tiny Rebel.

Ray Clegg, Managing Director at Alan R Jones, commented: “As a family-run business in Newport it is incredibly important to us to meet and exceed the expectations of all our clients. When Tiny Rebel contacted us seven and a half years ago we had the same values to help them, as we would with anyone. As local companies, we should support each other, and we are lucky enough to still be Tiny Rebel’s logistics company of choice and are pleased to have worked with them on their incredible journey of growth.”

Bradley Cummings, Co-Founder and CEO of Tiny Rebel, concluded: “Since day one we have always been able to rely on Alan R Jones. Many other logistical companies would have turned us away for such a small delivery, but we were treated with the same level of great customer service and understanding then as we are today. From one pallet every fortnight to now distributing our beer to 36 countries worldwide, Alan R Jones has provided unparalleled support in our growth and we know that nothing is ever too much hassle.”

We are incredibly pleased to have supported a local Newport brewery to become what it is today, to find out more about Tiny Rebel please visit: