Penderyn Distillery – Spirited approach

From its base near the Brecon Beacons in south Wales, Penderyn Distillery takes its position as the home of Welsh whisky very seriously. The business distills whisky, vodka, gin and Merlyn cream liqueur and distributes its high quality beverages worldwide.

Consumers appreciate the heritage of the Penderyn name, and the fact that the blending and production process uses Welsh water drawn from limestone deep beneath the distillery. As well as appearing on the shelves of major supermarkets such as Tesco, the Penderyn spirits are also shipped to specialist outlets around the UK and worldwide.

Getting such premium drinks from the bottling plant to the end consumer can be a logistical challenge. Penderyn uses only glass bottles for its products, which means breakages would be an expensive headache; while a pallet of whisky and gin bottles can weigh all of 700 kilograms.

“Alan R Jones arranges all our deliveries,” says the distillery’s Cara Lewis, who prefers personal contact to anonymous call centres. “They collect today, and deliver tomorrow. We have a good rapport with the guys in the office, and if we need to, we can contact the senior team and they respond to us promptly.”

“The volume of goods we send out can vary from one to twenty pallets a day – all glass and so all fragile. It just gets there.”

“Communication is one of the cornerstones of ensuring that a working relationship is successful, and in this respect, Alan R Jones goes beyond the industry standard. Having worked with other carriers, and experienced poor service, working with Alan R Jones and their employees is a pleasure and allows us to run our business with confidence. I would recommend them to anyone.”

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