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4 Tel: 01633 272522
Our core business is focused on delivering the best UK palletised distribution for
our customers. We have our own extensive fleet of modern, well-maintained
vehicles and dedicated traffic and driving teams to ensure the right bespoke
transport solution for your goods.
We recognise that we are an important part of your distribution network, so we can
offer any or all of our services in conjunction with other distribution contractors or
your own in-house teams, including next-day UK pallet distribution. In addition, we
are award-winning members of Palletline, giving our customers access to 3500
delivery vehicles in a UK and Europe-wide palletised delivery network.
We are able to offer our clients access to more than 20,000 sq.ft. of racked and bulk
warehousing at our Newport (South Wales) depot. Services include order picking,
stock control and container loading/unloading.
Developing our unloading service, we realise that often containers are packed in the
most space-efficient manner, no matter how impractical that can be when
unloading. Therefore we’re able to take on complex unloading and sorting jobs
before moving the cargo either direct to the client or just further along the ongoing
supply chain.
In addition to individual transport or distribution contracts, we are able
to become your distribution partner. Our full logistics planning service
covers scheduling, inventory, warehousing, packaging and even
extra concerns such as security or cross-European delivery.
Just get in touch to find out how we can work for you.
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