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We are a family run business that values its tradition, its
employees and its customers. For more than 40 years we have
been driven to provide a multi award winning pallet delivery
and logistics service, both in the UK and Europe.
We invest in technology and innovation to improve our service offering to our
customers, and we believe passionately in both our heritage and our future.
You will always have access to the whole team at Alan R Jones and we retain a
personal touch in our communications; it’s old fashioned we know, but to us the
customer always comes first.
Our bespoke logistics solutions are tailored to your needs and through our
understanding of your business we can provide a service that is an extension of
your business.
We deliver on what we promise with our core values of Tradition Driving
Innovation. Together with our own extensive fleet, we offer access to over 3500
delivery vehicles nationwide and across Europe through our membership to
Palletline, the UK‘s premier pallet network. By combining the traditions of our
heritage (integrity and personal service) with a spirit of innovation we are the ideal
choice for any customer looking for modern, precision logistical solutions.
Tying all these key logistical services together is our customer care team.
We’re proud to say we only employ the best, and that our team enjoys
close, friendly working relationships with all of our loyal customers,
enhancing not only the service they receive but also the
pleasure of the service experience.
2 Tel: 01633 272522
Proud of our trucks’
‘cutting edge’
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